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Welcome to the Online Guardians; Parent Support Network.  We have developed an interactive and engaging space for parents to visit and access a wide range of assistance from experts who have been working with families and young people for over two decades.

Our Parent Support Network is focused on early intervention and education.  We solely support primary schools for this reason.   As our children are getting earlier access to devices, and are subject to influence from the digital world, the importance of engaging with effective parenting strategies during this time are critical.  The creation of structured rules, regulations and consequences for a child is essential to their development. We provide a wealth of experience working in both the digital world, and a child’s physical world.  The recent trends associated with addictions, wellbeing and self-harm can all start at an early age with excessive and unregulated usage online or a lack of discipline and structure.

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We are a team of adolescent development experts that have been supporting students, schools and families for many years.  We comprise of professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds and experience.   Our scope of expertise continues to evolve encompassing many critical parenting components.  Our team comprises of current and former police, teachers, child safety experts, nurses, mental health experts, psychologists, parents and student representatives.

All contact through our portal will be managed by an expert in adolescent development.  We have a variety of resources and referrals at our hands and will follow through with each and every interaction.  We genuinely believe that providing this service to parents will lead to significant positive change for both families and schools.  Parents can reuse the service as often as desirable, providing that stable foundation of support and confidence we could all use at times.


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Our support team will reach out and make contact and provide feedback to schools and school counsellors where required.  We do not directly engage with students, and will occasionally request student follow up or monitoring if necessary.  We will maintain confidentiality with our participants if you choose to keep interactions within our support network. 

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