Secondary Packages

Guarded Pathways Package


Combined Students and Parents


A combined package involving student and parent education, opening the channels of communication in some critical areas whilst building on the platform of support for our secondary students.

These seminars discuss a variety of topics and relevant issues involving both students and their parents/guardians.  These seminars provide the ideal foundation for difficult conversations and strategies around keeping our kids safe and on track during stages of adolescent development. The digital footprints and influence upon our developing youth is discussed in great detail.  Educating students effectively in this space is essential and we branch our content to other important conversations around respect, peer pressure, leisure pursuits, consent and resilience.  These sessions are generally very interactive where active participation is encouraged from the audience.  Ideal for Year 7 student/parent inductions into secondary schooling.

Individual Seminars

Year 7 Induction Seminar


Year 7 Only

Starting from $1299

A great opportunity for students commencing their secondary journey to understand their role and responsibilities when it comes to the digital world.

This seminar focuses on student safety, wellbeing and personal responsibility when engaging in this space.  It’s a great platform for students to understand the school stance on appropriate usage, bullying and relevant policies and procedures within the school setting.   It is very important to establish a strong platform of support and education for students in these early stages of secondary schooling.  We often initiate a ‘Safety assessment’ on student’s online accounts during these sessions and provide feedback to the entire group.  This has proven to be extremely popular with students and leads to immediate positive change. Upon request, we complete an Employment Assessment on our audience to ensure their digital footprint and reputation would not adversely impact future opportunities.  This has proven to be extremely popular leading to immediate positive change and reflection.

Our induction seminar provides students a clear understanding of their rights, responsibilities and support structures. These transitional schooling years can be challenging, so creating a safe and healthy culture and environment for students can be long lasting and very beneficial.

Guarded Pathways Seminar


Years 8 - 12

Starting from $999

This presentation is focused on adolescent development issues impacting our students.

These sessions can be made up of students with complex and unregulated behavior or alternatively focused to larger groups of maturing students. Topics relating to healthy relations, domestic violence, mental health, sex, consent, drugs, alcohol, social networks, and digital footprints are some of the critical issues addressed throughout these sessions.  The content will be determined by the participating age group.  These sessions are completed in gender groups which has proven to be very successful and a preferred delivery method by students.  The content can be tailored to a school’s needs, trends and experiences.  Recent trends including vaping, consent and access to pornography have been raised by a number of schools during 2022, requiring effective intervention and education.  These sessions can be extremely valuable to students and will cover both the social and legal consequences of behaviour and choice within the digital and physical world.

Educators Seminar

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Students, mental health and the online world.

Starting from $999 (Webinar Option)

Our educators seminar assist teachers understand the current scenario faced by students within their school.

We provide a thorough overview of usage, trends and cultures specific to a school comparable to students of the same age around New South Wales.

This data highlights critical issues associated with bullying, anti-social behaviour, reporting and parental engagement.  It paints an accurate picture for teachers to have a greater understanding of risks and wellbeing within their classroom.  Once the data and trends are established, the sessions focus on school strategies, tools and ideologies building a stronger foundation of support for students.

Relevant topics surrounding existing Digital Citizenship, Code of Conduct and Social Network policies are addressed. Student usage of mobile phones, digital watches and school devices are important conversations and can impact on a school’s environment and culture either positively or negatively.  Building a collaborated response engaging parents to work beside their children in this space is essential.  The session works on strengthening methods of reporting for students which is a consistent issue across the state.  In all, these sessions are extremely popular and provide schools the opportunity to assess their current digital support structures and consider additional tools and ideologies.

New Age Parenting


Parents Seminar

Starting from $1299

This education provides an overview of the usage, trends and cultures associated with student online platforms and gaming.

The overview includes data relating to students bullied, contacted by strangers online and how safe students are feeling in this space.  Once face to face intervention is complete with students, we provide a thorough overview for parents and carers including relevant data, tools and strategies.  The most interactive and relevant parenting seminar on the market.

During these seminars, we discuss the most common requests for assistance from parents and carers. Our real-world experiences and scenarios enable our audience to comprehend the current predicament.  We physically demonstrate digital parental controls and options, whilst providing take-home tools including Family Technology Agreements and Screentime recommendations.  These sessions are very interactive and informative.