Primary Packages

Safe Transitions Package


Combined Stage 2 & 3 Parent Seminars

Starting from $2299

A collaborated approach for positive change, incorporating both student and parent seminars.

This is our most requested method of intervention in primary schools around New South Wales. Our early intervention strategy focuses on the transitional age group of Stage 3 prior to secondary school.  A critical time in a child’s development for effective education.  This session provides the most accurate data driven education that your students and school will ever experience.  We evolve this seminar regularly to keep up with trends and relevant developments.

We collaborate education with both students and their parents & carers to achieve best results.  Once we have established usage, trends, and cultures with students, we provide these findings back to parents and carers with tangible strategies that actually can help.  Our interactive parent sessions are very popular.  Most schools will have parent seminars following our student intervention.  This enables all data and analysis to be available for discussion during these evenings.

All Bases Package


Combined Students, Educators and Parents Seminars

Small School Price: $2299
Large School Price: $2999

Education from every perspective, enhancing positive change in culture in a school and at home. A collaborated approach educating each stakeholder, building a stronger platform of support for our children’s development, safety and wellbeing.  If you are experiencing serious or ongoing issues relating to the digital world in your school, then our All Bases Package would be a must.

Individual Seminars

Safe Transitions Seminar


Student Education & Awareness

Starting from $799

This evidence-based education solely focuses on the digital world.  It provides education for students to understand their responsibilities and personal safety whilst online.  The topic of student safety is paramount throughout these seminars.  We promote respectful online behaviours whilst echoing personal choice and consequence.  We survey our audience before and after intervention, highlighting the positive lasting impact of our work.

New Age Parenting


Parent Education

Starting from $1299

This education provides an overview of the usage, trends and cultures associated with student online platforms and gaming.  The overview includes data relating to students bullied, contacted by strangers online and how safe students are feeling in this space.  Once face to face intervention is complete with students, we provide a thorough overview for parents and carers including relevant data, tools and strategies.  The most interactive and relevant parenting seminar on the market.

During these seminars, we discuss the most common requests for assistance from parents and carers. Our real-world experiences and scenarios enable our audience to comprehend the current predicament.  We physically demonstrate digital parental controls and options, whilst providing take-home tools including Family Technology Agreements and Screentime recommendations.  These sessions are very interactive and informative.

Educators Seminar


Students, Mental Health and the Online World

Starting from $1299
(Webinar Option)

Educator’s seminar assist teachers understand the current scenario faced by students within their school.  We provide a thorough overview of usage, trends and cultures specific to a school comparable to students of the same age around New South Wales.

This data highlights critical issues associated with bullying, anti-social behaviour, reporting and parental engagement.  It paints an accurate picture for teachers to have a greater understanding of risks and wellbeing within their classroom.  Once the data and trends are established, the sessions focus on school strategies, tools and ideologies building a stronger foundation of support for students.

Relevant topics surrounding existing Digital Citizenship, Code of Conduct and Social Network policies are addressed. Student usage of mobile phones, digital watches and school devices are important conversations and can impact on a school’s environment and culture either positively or negatively.  Building a collaborated response engaging parents to work beside their children in this space is essential.  The session works on strengthening methods of reporting for students which is a consistent issue across the state.  In all, these sessions are extremely popular and provide schools the opportunity to assess their current digital support structures and consider additional tools and ideologies.

Parent Support Network

Kristie look alike

Supporting Homes, Supporting Schools

The Online Guardians are extremely proud to announce the commencement of our Parent Support Network in Term 2, 2023. We genuinely believe that this interactive support portal will provide critical assistance to parents in their time of need. We have a number of passionate experts in the field of adolescent development that will provide personal support to parents, whilst working with school counsellors and schools to build a stronger platform of support.

Our network is a great example of demonstrating to parents that schools are doing everything they possibly can to work with and assist parents and guardians. We aim to alleviate significant workload often associated with schools dealing with matters that are primarily parental issues. Now a simple referral to our service is all that is required. Our Parent Support Network will take care of the rest and provide feedback on every interaction with parents and carers from your school.