Our Story

Meet Online Guardians

The Online Guardians specialise in a variety of fields relating to Adolescent Development and Wellbeing.  The Online Guardians team has well over 20 years experience in Law enforcement in both New South Wales and Queensland. Our team are parents and are extremely passionate when it comes to young people and their safe and successful transition into adulthood.

Our experience working with young people is second to none.   Our teams work and life experience give us an edge like no other when presenting.  Our expertise on social networks and its impact on this generation is something that should not be missed.   Our teams hands-on experience working with young offenders, at risk youth and online criminal activity will paint the most accurate picture on the current environment facing our kids.   Our statistics through collating thousands of surveys provides the most accurate snapshot on the current Cyber scene.  The results are alarming, however extremely valuable.

The team has presented to over 400,000 people over the past 10 years and has educated professionals in this field.  Our team has an extremely respectful reputation.

The role of this organisation is to educate and guide our kids and those working with young people, through the many challenges currently facing this generation.  Every child is different, so multiple strategies and flexibility is crucial.

Certain content may be alarming, however there is a distinct lack of help out there for our kids at the moment and a majority of parents and schools find it hard to successfully monitor and educate their kids for many reasons.

The Online Guardians will provide information on young people and mental health and the relation to social networks.  Our team has presented to Mental Health specialists in the past and has been invited back to Universities and other educational settings due to the popularity and interest associated with our views on this topic.

The Online Guardians discuss ‘addictions’ and the current scenarios impacting on young people and their families.

They provide strategies for educators and parents on how to address the many variety of issues facing those working with or raising young people.

Assistance including ‘Parent consulting’, ‘Cleansing digital footprints’ and specific education packages are some of the strategies provided at an affordable price on this website.  Some of these services cannot be found anywhere else.

In relation to schools, a variety of important issues such as Digital Citizenship, mobile phone policies, legalities and technology enhancements (laptop roll outs) can be discussed with senior staff and teachers in a professional setting.  A number of recommendations and ideas can be provided.

The reality is clear.  Many of our kids are struggling with the pressures associated with the stages of adolescence.  They need help.  Schools need help.  A large portion of parents and educators are struggling to understand and keep up.   The Online Guardians can explain why this is.  They can provide an understanding from all angles.   They have the hands-on experience, knowledge and expertise.

It’s time to cut the red tape and make real changes to young lives.

Once you hear from the Online Guardians, you will learn, comprehend and appreciate the current scene like no other session available on the market.    Knowledge is power, once you understand the situation and the strategies that are available, then we can begin to work together and assist to guide our kids to the best possible future they can have.