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Meet Online Guardians

The Online Guardians are an Esafety endorsed organisation with 15 years’ experience working with schools, students, educators and families in the digital world.  We have 23 years of policing experience in both the New South Wales and Queensland police.  Our ideologies focus on the principals of early intervention and crime prevention.

We implement evidence-based practices to highlight trends and cultures, before tailoring effective and relevant education to our audiences.  Our programs lead to positive change. This has been demonstrated throughout our many years of working in both primary and secondary schools around New South Wales. The impact of our education is long lasting.

We are experts in the field of adolescent development and provide programs supporting and guiding students through the challenges in both the digital and physical world.  We collect and collate data from schools around New South Wales ensuring that we are educating with effective and relevant content.  We tailor education around our audience’s experience which is not offered anywhere else.

We focus on safety and wellbeing and provide tangible strategies for both parents and our educators.   Providing education to all stakeholders strengthens that platform of support for our children.

We encourage you to have a conversation with the Online Guardians to gauge our knowledge and experience in this space. We guarantee our content and delivery will lead to positive change and culture.

What Our Schools Say

Banora Point Primary School

Banora Point, QLD

Online Guardians presentation to our Stage 3 students was brilliant. It was well-structured and engaged the students for the whole 45 minutes showing that it was age appropriate and relevant. It successfully opened their eyes up to the real risks that exist in our society. The Cyber talk was incredibly useful to not only our students but it helped us identify just how many of them are using phones or social media which will help us in the future deal with these issues. The student question time was great and gave the students the chance to ask about things concerning them.

Mullumbimby High School

Mullumbimby, QLD

Feedback from both students and teachers was extremely positive. The students were engaged and interested. The way the messages were delivered were great. Many many students commented on how excellent and thought-provoking this talk was. We went back to our classrooms and continued to talk about the seriousness and impact on young people, the risk and repercussions.

Sathya Sai School

Murwillumbah, NSW

The Online Guardians team visited our school today to discuss issues around online Safety with our Year 5 and 6 students. The information provided was clear and concise and outlined issues around legality (the age at which students are permitted to be on various social media apps), privacy settings, how to block people, how to report abuse and how to limit the amount of personal information that is placed on apps. The students particularly enjoyed this session. The teachers and students would like to thank the team personally for the informative session today.

What Our Students Say

Stage 3 Question: Why do you think it is important to attend our online safety sessions?

Ryde East Public School

“Due to the pre survey that was given to us, results show that a lot of us barely know about any online safety.  Therefore, I solemnly felt it was almost necessary to have an incursion of online safety.”

Killara Public School

“Some students may have not been educated about online safety as much as others, so it would be important to put their knowledge of online safety on the same level.”

Chatswood Public School

“I think this was important for our school so the students here learn and understand more about online safety because you have to be careful online and so many things can go wrong.”

Mullumbimby Public School

“It told me more about how some websites are unsafe like whatsapp and some are really inappropriate.  I also leant hackers can find your information and where you live with on your name and profile.”

Denistone East Public School

“Because it told us about being aware of unsafe users that roam around social networks wanting to create trouble and how we can avoid being tricked by them. But also, how to stay safe and change our accounts to private.”

Terranora Public School

“So we understand how to be safe online so we can protect ourselves from dangerous or inappropriate things. The session also teached us how and why we should report bullying, inappropriate sent things, etc.”

Pacific Coast Christian School

“I think this because lots of kids get bullied, but they just don’t want to talk about it. So Online Guardians would help them even when they don’t like to talk about getting bullied.”

Kingscliff Public School

“Because I have done wrong things like accept strangers so on Roblox I have been deleting friends. I started on around 150 and now I have 134.”

What Our Parents Say