Our Story

Meet Online Guardians

The Online Guardians are an eSafety accredited business who are experts in the field of social networks and adolescent development. We have presented to over 300,000 students in the past decade and have a wealth of hands-on experience working with schools and young people in this ever-changing online space. Our accredited business has a core focus to provide targeted and effective education to students, parents, educators, and school bodies. We educate on a variety of topics including cyber, social networks and adolescent development leading to awareness and positive change. Our presenters have extensive experience working and educating in school settings.

The Online Guardians have presented many sessions of professional development for educators in public and private schools around New South Wales in person and via webinar. This includes both primary and secondary school settings. We combine packages of education engaging all stakeholders to allow collaboration and best practice. We personalise content and ensure our intervention is effective leading to positive change.

We utilise data, statistics and evaluations to highlight the most accurate picture for individual schools. This is not offered anywhere else in New South Wales. After our intervention, we obtain data clarifying the impact and positive changes following our work. We are proud to share that in our last 10 schools of intervention (Primary), we average removing 20% of students from social network accounts and having 40% of our audience update their current social network settings. An incredible average per school. This is evidence our work and age-appropriate education leads to positive change all around that state.

The business focus is to build a platform of support for children struggling in this space. The ideology of our work is to provide realistic and tangible strategies to main stakeholders which strengthens the foundation of support inevitably protecting our children. We provide parents and carers tangible and realistic strategies. They are given a clear snapshot of their school’s trends and cultures, and then given tools to assist guide their children through their digital journey. We allow our audience to provide feedback after every session. Our feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Once you attend one of our sessions, we are confident that you will comprehend and appreciate the current scene like no other education available on the market.