What we do

The Online Guardians are focused on providing the most recent and relevant education to our audiences.  We ensure that our content leads to positive change by remaining on top of trends, cultures and usage within schools.  We actively collect and collate data regularly to ensure that we are moving with the times and providing the best possible education and direction to our audiences. We personalise our education to ensure that parents are made aware of their children’s data, stories and experiences collaborating to positive change.

Primary Packages

We offer the highest quality content, presented by one of the most experienced professionals in the field. It is recent, relevant and guaranteed to make change.

Secondary Packages

We provide age-appropriate education on a number of important adolescent topics. Our content incorporates both the students digital and physical world. We provide life lessons and experience that can guide students through their schooling and adolescent journey

Parent Support Network

We provide the opportunity for your school body and families to contact adolescent development experts to assist and guide parents and carers in their time of need. A portal of support for parents in the digital and adolescent world that can be re-used as often as required. We collaborate our support to both schools and their families enhancing that important relationship

We are endorsed

The Online Guardians have been an eSafety endorsed business for a number of years.  We believe it is important to align our service and delivery to the Australian governing body in this space.  We remain informed on trends and cultures in this everchanging moving landscape. We constantly update our content and delivery methods to obtain best results. We encourage schools to liaise with our previous schools and clients to get an accurate guide on the benefits of our education and delivery.