School Support

An opportunity to have an expert work in your school for the day. An opportunity to assess, enhance or amend the school’s digital reputation in a variety of areas. This day does not include presentations, however having an expert with an open-door policy for students to attend and make changes, delete accounts or obtain advice and guidance has been found to be critically important for students who rarely report matters to parents or teachers. There is no better way to address local issues and promote the school’s proactive strategies to parents, then having an expert with an open-door policy working hands-on with students that our Day with the Guardian provides.


Included with all Guardian visits

An opportunity to learn about what your students are doing online.  Their trends, behaviours, usage and issues.  We survey, dissect and analyse schools individually and provide effective and relevant feedback to schools and parents.  This has proven to be critical in effectively implementing appropriate strategies in the school environment.

We present our findings to Staff and Parents during our seminars which has proven to be incredibly effective and relevant. Parents love this content.  It also arms the school with real data which may lead to internal policy or procedural change.  Every school is different. Having knowledge of the facts and figures within your school is essential in addressing current and future issues.  After collating the data, we will also compare your students and the findings to students of the same age around New South Wales.

You are not only getting a seminar with incredible content and relevant strategies, but we are also providing a snapshot of your school and comparing that with data collected over many years around the state.  It doesn’t get any more thorough and effective then our work.

The Toolkit has a significant amount of valuable information for schools and education facilities.  It has been collected and collated over time and has been specifically designed to support schools through difficult or challenging times.  Having worked within schools for years, we are confident the content will come in very handy.

The Toolkit provides information sheets and reviews on all the main social networks and applications. It provides points of reference on issues relating to most legal and complicated issues within a school setting.  It supports content with legislation, policy and procedure.

The kit provides schools with videos and resources which will strengthen their approach to safe online activity where content can be extracted to support a digital reputation or mobile phone policy.

The kit has over 20 folders, which contain relevant content on a variety of topics.   Purchasing the toolkit also gives you full contact access with the Online Guardians, so we can deliver direct advice and guidance if you need further help.   We have the experience to get things right!