Individual seminars

Cyber Watch

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This is a very popular session where an open interactive discussion perspective is preferred.  Everything on the issue of Youth is on the agenda.  Most importantly, parents will be given a through guide to the current cyber scene impacting on this generation of students.  They will be given real strategies which will arm them with appropriate knowledge and tools to assist any situation.  Parents need to play a more active role when it comes to restricting and monitoring their kids online.  The less time a young person spends online, the better it is for their adolescent development.

Alternative youth topics including Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Legalities, Risk Taking, Peer association and crime can be discussed in detail.   The issues facing parents.  Strategies on drug addictions, medication, disrespect and criminal behaviour are commonly discussed.  The Online Guardians have the appropriate experience and expertise to present this topic.  It is so important that parents have the right knowledge when it comes to protecting their children in both the online world and the real world.

This is an experience-based session where examples and stories are given to provide the best understanding on these issues.   Many of the topics are complex and complicated, so having an open discussion is often the best way to get people thinking and acting.

This session is a must for parents who have children currently using social networks or in possession of smart devices.   The Online Guardians will give some guidance on things to keep an eye on and what to do if things start to get out of hand.  Nathan’s experience dealing with parental issues relating on online dilemmas is significant.   A much sort after session in the Tweed/Byron area for a number of years.