Parent and Youth Interventions

The Online Guardians provide consulting for parents and carers. This is an area of expertise with our team having previously dealt with concerned and disillusioned parents on a daily basis.

You can have a professional consultation and get some one on one time with the Online Guardians who can provide real ideas, strategies and recommendations. Keep in mind, they have dealt with some of the most challenging situations in the home environment, so nothing is new. At a fraction of the cost, consider having a consultation with an expert in Adolescent Development.

This can be extended to having sessions with the young person if desired. There are many carers who find it difficult to understand their child’s behaviour and changes. Some parents seem to think they are losing total control, whilst others would like some strategies and ideas to keep them on top. Some parents find it difficult to engage their children in counselling, take medication, engage in self-help programs or basically following simple instructions. This can cause significant problems and stress in the home.

We can provide real assistance and guidance to assist your situation. Its all about getting the right person. We are confident we can help. Consider having a sit down with us.