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Mentor Package

5 Sessions of your choice + toolkit + priority visits, assistance and guidance to the school for 4 school terms all incorporated in initial cost.

Limited to 20 schools.


This is the ultimate package; it provides so much value for money.  The mentor package guarantees 4 school terms of full coverage.  It incorporates five seminars at the discretion of the school.  It guarantees priority visits or assistance to the school at no other cost.   It incorporates the tool kit and other valuable services without incurring further fees.

If you believe the impact on your students due to the digital revolution is relevant within your school, then this package more than justifies your concerns.

This is your opportunity to have an expert in the field for the duration of the school year.   Your school will be prioritised if emergencies occur where every effort will be made to attend and assist on the day of the incident.

Priority contact and feedback are an important element of getting the right help at the right time.   It may be very important to get advice and direction on the spot.

The toolkit provides important information on social networks, legalities, trends, resources and commonly asked questions.   This again is incorporated within the initial cost.

The Mentoring package is only available to the first 20 schools. (Not available to Sydney schools at present)

We guarantee this package will have an enormous impact on your school in a positive light and illuminates to the school community, P&C and other relevant bodies, that the school is very serious and hands-on when it comes to this important issue.