Guardian Package

(Parenting and Educators)

Cyber Watch session and

Cyber Savvy session


A great opportunity to combine a Parent Education seminar with a Staff Personal Development session.  A very popular combination which educates those looking out for, educating and caring for children.  These sessions ideally can be completed on the same day for maximum exposure or alternatively can be arranged at suitable times.

This package is ready and available.  It’s important to have staff and parents on the same page.  This is the ideal tool to create discussion and change when it comes to social networks and the digital world.  It also stamps a strong message of unity between educators and parents.  It’s very important to get an understanding on the real issues and those impacting on young people and their lives.

The Online Guardians guarantee that parents will talk about these sessions for weeks.  We also guarantee that staff will get more benefit from this session than any other Personal Development tool on the market.

This business is only new.  However please do yourself a favour and enquire with other schools that have used the Online Guardians to get unbiased feedback.  We encourage this.  We are extremely confident that feedback will be overwhelmingly positive.

We encourage that you consider combining this session with another school event if necessary, to get maximum numbers to the session.  The more people that present and engage in this session, the more wide spread benefits and change that will occur to online behaviours in your school.