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All Bases Package

(Students/Staff and Parents)

2 x Students Sessions, 1 x Parents and 1 x Educators


Our All Bases package does just that.  It covers every angle on the crucial topic of Adolescent Development and Social networks. Two sessions with students.  You choose which year groups are most appropriate in your school.  We are flexible and find that having gender groups works very positively, as there are a number of different issues impacting on both genders.  We are happy if you combine year groups, however generally the content is different for senior students so keeping the audience at most 3 years apart is recommended.

This package also covers PD sessions for educators and a Parents seminar.  Each session has different content and discussion on alternate subjects.  We prefer to run all sessions on the same day or within a week.  This has the most powerful impact and seems to lead to more change. We are flexible however, and will work in with your school schedule.

If your school is serious about having a positive impact on their students relating to Social Networks and bringing positive change to your school, then this combination of sessions is essential.

Remember that each ‘Student’ seminar comes with a ‘Debrief’ session, where the Online Guardians remain behind and assist Young people alter their profiles, delete accounts and/or provide individual advice and guidance.  This does not happen anywhere else.

We come with the same guarantee, that once you have the Online Guardians at your school, you will no longer seek external guidance on these critical issues.