A combination of an Educators seminar and Parents education session.  Combines incredible content relating to your schools’ trends, statistics and data when it comes to online use and issues comparable to the state.  Includes surveys to both staff and students where important topics including a school’s digital citizenship, mobile phone policy and procedures are dissected and discussed.  An incredible learning experience that ensures staff and parents are working together towards a desirable goal to keep their children safe online.

The transition into high school for students has always been a challenging time of our children. The pressures and risks associated with the online world do not make this time any easier.  We are advocates for early intervention and providing students the education so desperately needed at a young age.  This gives young students ample time to dissect the content and consider age-appropriate issues including online safety and unhealthy addictions as they grow.

We utilise data and statistics to highlight the issues affecting each school.  This is all collated before we step foot into the school.  We learn about the cultures, issues and trends in that school before providing effective and targeted education.

Once we complete our student seminars, we obtain statistical feedback from our students some days later, highlighting our impact.   This includes the percentage of students that have update privacy settings and deleted social network accounts.  Our results in 2021 have been amazing.

Once we have completed our education with students and highlight exactly what is happening in that school, we educate the parents.

Our parents’ session culminates our learnt lessons with the children and provides real strategies, tools and ideas.   It is so important we improve the generation gap between children and parents in this space.  The combination of these two sessions does exactly that.  Our feedback from parents is extremely strong with many suggesting it is the best seminar of this nature they have experienced.

The All-Bases Package does just that.  It covers every angle on critical topics associated with adolescent development and social networks.  It then delivers them to the main stakeholders leading to positive change.

We have learnt that engaging parents and teachers in our education is an important ingredient. All parties are given a clear outline of usage, trends and issues within their particular school, before a wide range of ideas and strategies are provided to each party leading to change.

We generally have male and female sessions in high school, as the feedback from students is overwhelming and the issues for each gender can be quite diverse.  We provide feedback and debrief sessions at the end of our seminars which has proven to be especially useful for students.

This package has a real impact from variety of angles, addressing all the important people that can support our students.  It also gives students the necessary education to make changes themselves.  A collaborated approach is always best.  Bridging the gaps and understanding the situation is key to success and change in this space.

This is without question our most popular and important seminar. Our early intervention strategy focused on the transitional age group of Stage 3 (Years 5/6) prior to secondary school.  A critical time in a child’s development for effective education.  This session provides the most effective, data driven education that your students and school will ever experience.   We evolve this seminar regularly to keep with trends and relevant developments.  This session incorporates:

Full analysis of students usage, accounts and trends online comparable to students around New South Wales.  (not offered anywhere else in NSW)
Most effective and relevant education on the market.

Learn the number of students that have experienced bullying online and identify problematic platforms that students are active on within your school. This varies greatly school to school.  Our recent experiences show that most students in this age-group are experiencing bullying and anti-social behaviour during online gaming experiences similar to Roblox.  We can highlight what is going on in your school. A great platform of education and intervention for this critical age group.

These sessions are focused on effective education and life lessons for our secondary students.  Students are given an age-appropriate overview of all relevant safety, social and legal issues and consequences associated with the online world.

Our work is personalised to engage our audience.  We will often complete an audit on the social network accounts from our audience and relay our findings back to the students.  Both our ‘Employment assessment’ and ‘Safety assessment’ have proven to be extremely popular with students leading to positive change.   This again, is not offered anywhere else in New South Wales.

These sessions often a wide range of content outside the cyber world.  Depending on the age of the audience, issues associated with substance abuse, sex, consent, mental health, peer association, domestic violence, and leisure pursuits are a few of the issues discussed in some detail.  The sessions provide support and resources for students.  We see a culture of under-reporting, so it is critical to physically demonstrate methods of reporting and processes in place to support students and young people.

Our feedback from students has been extraordinarily strong, which is demonstrated by the number of students remaining behind after our sessions, asking questions or seeking advice or guidance.

This session provides essential life education to our secondary students. Our objective is for students to self-reflect and ensure they are on track as they develop.  Students are faced with many challenges, so hearing relevant stories and understanding some of the pitfalls can be critical in planting that seed for students to make smart and safe choices.

This presentation is focused on the adolescent development issues associated with young students at the crossroads. These groups can be made up of students with complex and unregulated behaviour or alternatively focused on larger groups of maturing students. The Online Guardians have extensive experience working with young people relating to issues associated with behaviour, legalities and consequence. Topics relating to healthy relations, domestic violence, mental health, sex, consent, drugs, alcohol, social networks, and digital footprints are some of the critical issues addressed throughout these sessions. The content will be determined by the participating age group.  Our practical knowledge and stories captivate our audience generating thought and conversation adding to the experience.

The Online Guardians will upon request complete ‘employment assessments’ on students personal accounts to determine current set ups and privacy which can impact on future employment. This is incredibly popular and engages the audience. This seminar can be instrumental in promoting and educating our maturing students in a comfortable setting where our expert can deliver content on these critical subjects with interactive, engaging and lifechanging education.

This seminar is focused on the effective education and intervention for teachers and educators building a stronger platform of support for our students.  This session provides an accurate snapshot of the current social scene facing students in both primary and secondary settings.

The content will strongly focus on the mental health of students relating to online experiences, including gaming.  It delves into the addictions associated with smart devices and provides a thorough overview of the challenges faced by teachers and parents in this space.

Our objective is to build the support network within a school.  This includes discussing current policies and procedures relating to mobile phone, social network and digital citizenships within the school.

We survey our participants before or during our sessions, to highlight the trends and current issues facing the school.   These results generally highlight facts leading to intervention.  We focus on enhancing the skills of the school counselor in this space so they can interpret exactly what is going on with students in the online world.  This can lead to early and effective intervention from within.

We have over a decade experience working in schools around New South Wales.  We can discuss any relevant topics of interest.  Subjects including lock out and lock downs, seizing property, memorandums of understanding with law enforcement, Inclosed lands procedures and mandatory reporting are just a few of the issues commonly discussed in these interactive sessions.

During our parent’s sessions, we provide an accurate snapshot of the current trends and cultures facing our children.  Our content is specific to their child’s school, so it personalises the information, allowing parents to understand exactly what platforms students are using and where they are experiencing problems.   Issues relating to the percentage of students bullied, contacted by strangers, using social networks at school and feeling unsafe online are a few of the findings discussed.  We break down content obtained from students and feed the findings back to their parents.   This will include privacy settings, smart devices in bedrooms, and the number of parents that are not looking over their children’s online accounts.

These seminars are broken into two parts.   Once the picture and challenges are clearly outlined, we begin to provide tangible ideas, tools, and strategies to implement in the home environment.

Early education is the key.  We highlight that having conversations and an open channel of communication with their children is the most important thing.  We provide a variety of other tools to consider including wifi restrictions on cellular and router data.    We mirror our phone to the screen and physically demonstrate tools available to parents on smart devices.

We also demonstrate to parents some of the tricks and unhealthy cultures associated with some of these social network devices and smart phones.   In this space, knowledge is power and our objective is for parents to leave our sessions with a clear view on the situation and ideas on how to best guide and protect their children.  We obtain feedback after each session from parents.  Our results have been extremely positive.