Packages & Seminars

Guardian Package

Parents and Educators

1 x New Age Parenting and 1 x Cyber SAVVY session


A great opportunity to combine a Parent Education seminar with a Staff Personal Development session.  A very popular combination which educates those looking out for, educating and caring for children.  These sessions ideally can be completed on the same day for maximum exposure or alternatively can be arranged at suitable times.

This package is ready and available.  It’s important to have staff and parents on the same page.  This is the ideal tool to create discussion and change when it comes to social networks and the digital world.  It also stamps a strong message of unity between educators and parents.  It’s very important to get an understanding on the real issues and those impacting on young people and their lives.

The Online Guardians guarantee that parents will talk about these sessions for weeks.  We also guarantee that staff will get more benefit from this session than any other professional development tool on the market.

Extremely popular package that includes having your school’s online statistics and data analysed and compared to students of the same age around New South Wales.  This is not a service offered anywhere else.  It highlights trends, behaviours and issues in your own backyard.  This has proven incredibly valuable to schools. Feedback highlights that parents love this content which personalises the seminar and information that much more.

We encourage that you consider combining this session with another school event if necessary, to get maximum numbers to the session.  The more people that attend and engage in this session, the more wide spread benefits and change that will likely occur to online behaviours at your school.

The transition into high school is without question a difficult and challenging time for our children. The risks associated with bullying, isolation and abuse are becoming relevant to younger ages all the time. Early intervention is critical. We strongly oppose the concept that Highschool is the appropriate age for these types of intervention. Infact, we propose talks to students in Years 3-6 as the most relevant time for intervention. Keep in mind education should begin much earlier. The ideology of these sessions is to have parents and students educated either at the same time (combined seminar) or on the same day for greatest exposure and change.

This is a new package and based on experience is recommended as a must for all primary schools serious about the safe transition for their students and parents relating to the online world leading into high school.

All Bases Package

Students/Staff and Parents

Parents, Staff and Students Seminars: Three individual seminars.


Our All Bases package does just that.  It covers every angle on the crucial topic of Adolescent Development and Social networks. Two sessions with students.  You choose which year groups are most appropriate in your school.  We are flexible and find that having gender groups works very positively, as there are a number of different issues impacting on both genders.  We are happy if you combine year groups, however generally the content is different for senior students so keeping the audience at most 3 years apart is recommended.

This package also covers PD sessions for educators and a Parents seminar.  Each session has different content and discussion on alternate subjects.  We prefer to run all sessions on the same day or within a week.  This has the most powerful impact and seems to lead to more change. We are flexible however, and will work in with your school schedule.

If your school is serious about having a positive impact on their students relating to Social Networks and bringing positive change to your school, then this combination of sessions is essential.

The combination of having effective education for Teachers, Students and Parents guarantee all key components of this subject are given proven strategies and content for change.  It addresses the critical issues from all angles and really pushes towards continuity and working towards a goal as a team.

Full access to the Online Guardians for 4 terms. Including uptown 5 Seminars or Workshops of the schools choice. Access to advice, guidance and intervention around the clock.  Incorporates priority visits to your school and 2 days of ‘Day with the Guardian’ throughout the terms covered.  The question to consider is whether you just justify that the impact the online world has on your students is worthy of such an intervention.

A brilliant and flexible option to have an expert in this field, in your schools corner for the entire school year. Once you work with the Online Guardians, you will understand the value of effective intervention.  There is simply nothing better out there and we are more affordable than practically every other competitor on the market.  We guarantee change.  This just makes sense.

This is without question our most popular and important seminar. Our early intervention strategy focused on the transitional age group of Stage 3 (Years 5/6) prior to secondary school.  A critical time in a child’s development for effective education.

This session provides the most effective, data driven education that your students and school will ever experience.   We evolve this seminar regularly to keep with trends and relevant developments.

This session incorporates:

Full analysis of students usage, accounts and trends online comparable to students around New South Wales.  (not offered anywhere else in NSW)

Most effective and relevant education on the market.

Learn the number of students that have experienced bullying online and identify problematic platforms that students are active on within your school. This varies greatly school to school.

Our recent experiences show that most students in this age-group are experiencing bullying and anti-social behaviour during online gaming experiences similar to Roblox.  We can highlight what is going on in your school.

Relevant trends covered in this session include:

Talking Angela

Roblox and Discord

Increased usage (Corona Virus) 


Wellbeing online  (numerous recent concerns)

Upon request we can also obtain a class-list of participants and complete a full analysis of your student’s privacy settings including checks on their accounts to determine whether they use appropriate settings. We provide a full review back to the school which can later be used when interacting and working with parents.

A great platform of education and intervention for this critical age group.

These sessions are essential for secondary students. Everything covered on this critical topic aimed at providing the most relevant and effective education for our students to be ready and responsive on this critical topic. Aside from the most comprehensive content and delivery on issues relating to the online world, the Online Guardians will infiltrate a large number of student’s social network accounts days before delivering the presentation. They will provide feedback to the audience in relating to the number and percentages of student’s accounts that were successfully infiltrated and relevant data surrounding students public and private accounts. This has proven to be extremely effective in getting students to understand just how easy the outside world can get into their living rooms. At the conclusion of these presentations, we generally have lines and lines of students wanting to speak with out experts and cleanse their accounts. A number of them will be ‘followed’ or ‘friended’ by our covert accounts which we remove at the conclusion of the educational review.

The Online Guardians will ask schools to consider having gender specific sessions for these seminars. There are very different issues relating to both genders and separating genders is by far the best and most comfortable way to proceed with relevant topics and discussions. We will always work around your school and students’ best interests and schedule to make this work.

This presentation is focused on the adolescent development issues associated with young males at the crossroads. These groups can be made up of students with complex unregulated behaviour or alternatively focused on larger groups of transitional young men.

The Online Guardians have extensive experience working with adolescent males relating to issues associated with behaviour, legalities and consequence. The topics covered within this session have been identified as ‘most relevant‘ by young male students over the past two years.

Topics relating to healthy relations, sexting, drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, social networks and digital footprints are some of the critical issues addressed throughout these sessions. The content will be determined by the participating age group.

The Guarded Pathways seminar has been described as ‘the best thing I have sat through’ by a student, where participants are provided opportunities to ask questions about anything relevant affecting them.  We have over 20 years experience working with young people in school and community settings.

Our practical knowledge and stories captivate our audience generating thought and conversation adding to the experience.

The Online Guardians also audit the social network accounts of participating students and discuss their findings to the group. This is extremely popular with students and a real eye opener.

This seminar can be instrumental in promoting and educating our young men in a comfortable setting where our expert, with the competence to manage these audiences can provide an interactive, engaging and lifechanging experience for  these young men.

If you have a group of male students (large or small) that would benefit from this real-life experience and intervention, then please contact us below.

This session is focused on educators and those that work directly with children.  The session provides the most accurate snapshot on the current situation relating to Cyber and students in the Primary or Secondary sectors.  It is a great opportunity to understand what your students are doing.  The issues are very different for each.  Discussions on relevant topics including a school’s digital citizenship, mobile phone policy and staff social network policy are common.  The presenter has been involved in a variety of incidents relating to teacher and student online incidents over time and can provide some basic guidelines on how to avoid certain types of situations.

As part of this service we survey and extract information from your staff to determine their understanding, opinions and knowledge on some crucial issues within your school.  This has proven to be incredibly successfully highlighting gaps in the system or areas of improvement which can be discussed and dissected during our intervention with staff.  We also give your school a number of tools and ideas for future intervention and consideration, some of which have already proven to be quite successful in the school environment.

The session provides a real opportunity to ask a variety of questions and get a real understanding on past issues from other schools and lessons learnt.    There isn’t anything the Online Guardians haven’t dealt with in schools, so the discussion promises to be educational and at times mind boggling.

This is a very popular session where an open interactive discussion perspective is preferred.  Everything relating to the issue of Youth is on the agenda.  Most importantly, parents will be given a thorough guide to the current cyber scene impacting on this generation of students.  They will be given real strategies which will arm them with appropriate knowledge and tools to assist any situation.  Parents need to play a more active role when it comes to restricting and monitoring their kids online.  The less time a young person spends online, the better it is for their adolescent development.

Our preparation for these seminars is quite involved.  We dissect information from students through surveys and other intervention so we can paint the most accurate picture of what is affecting our students and what trends and behaviours need addressing specific to the school.  This tool is not offered anywhere else and is significant in creating local change and providing parents with real feedback and strategies relevant to their children.  It also helps the school work with parents on the identified issues and contribute to change by working in a team environment to protect and educate our children.

Alternative youth topics including Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Legalities, Risk Taking, Peer association and crime can be discussed in detail.   The issues facing parents.  Strategies on drug addictions, medication, disrespect and criminal behaviour are commonly discussed.  The Online Guardians have the appropriate experience and expertise to present this topic.  It is so important that parents have the right knowledge when it comes to protecting their children in both the online world and the real world.

This is an experience-based session where examples and stories are given to provide the best understanding on these issues.   Many of the topics are complex and complicated, so having an open discussion is often the best way to get people thinking and acting.

This session is a must for parents who have children currently using social networks or in possession of smart devices.   The Online Guardians will give some guidance on things to keep an eye on and what to do if things start to get out of hand.  Online Guardian’s experience dealing with parental issues relating to online dilemmas is significant.

This session is targeted at businesses, government agencies and those working directly with young people.
This session can be structured a number of ways depending on the intended audience. We have previously delivered similar education presentations to the New South Wales Police, Australian Army, Councils, Chamber of  Commerce, Tafes and Universities on differing issues relating to youth.

This presentation can cover a number of subjects; These can include:
# Reducing Youth crime (Ideal for shopping centres, hotspot locations)
# Working with challenging youth
# Working with youth and social networks.
# The law and young people – What you legally can and cannot do!
# Youth trends, patterns, crime and much more…

The Online Guardians have many years of experience in crime prevention and have assisted large shopping complexes including Westfields Parramatta greatly reduce crime in their centre. In recent years, work within Tweed City Shopping Centre and Centro in Tweed Heads have led to a significant reduction in crime.
Our experts have qualifications in crime prevention and have been involved in reducing crime with tangible strategies all over the New South Wales.

Issues relating to theft, vandalism, anti-social behaviour, assaults, robberies and other crime categories can be addressed in detail. Trends relating to youth crime and hot spots can alter quite significantly depending upon location, however certain strategies are consistent and reliable.
Learn the legalities of what you can and cannot do. Understand how to impact on current problems and issues and use active tools. Learn how the Online Guardians can assist.
Just enquire! You might be surprised at what we can offer at a very affordable price.