Cleansing Digital Footprint

Full digital cleanse and Certificate

The Online Guardians provide an opportunity for people to have their digital footprint viewed, assessed and altered prior to applying for employment. It is a well-known fact, that a majority of employers are making decisions on prospective employees based on a variety of tools available to them. One of these is an individual’s digital footprint. It can tell a lot about a person and whether they are possibly suitable for a position in a workplace.

The Online Guardians are well aware of the current environment facing individuals and young people. That’s why they decided to implement a simple tool to enable individuals to have their digital footprint analysed. Once assessed, the individual will get feedback on whether their footprint is suitable or whether there are issues that need addressing. Keep in mind, thousands of employment opportunities are missed out on each year, due to content located online about applicants. This process is not expensive. Get an expert to assess your footprint, give you feedback or advice if required.This will ensure a future employer will not find content about you, which may lead to a judgement based on something that occurred years prior or something trivial.

A sample job application form is available for completion. Submit basic information about yourself, answer a couple of common questions and we will do the rest. There are a number of searches that we can perform. We can give feedback on what employees can obtain and what they cannot when it comes to criminal history and/or traffic history. Get clarity on this issue. Considering the affordable price, it makes sense to get an expert’s assessment and guarantee on this issue. Getting a job is hard enough. Don’t ruin opportunities based on something online that can either be removed or edited. Online Guardians are seeing this too often.